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Going Paleo – The end of a chapter..

Going Paleo this past year has been a major hiatus, as a foodie it's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but thankfully the sacrifice was worth it and a year later I'm able to enjoy food that once gave me so much trouble and while there are still things I'm best avoiding or keeping to a minimum, it was most definitely worth [...]

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Going Paleo – More breakfast! Gluten, Grain & Sugar Free Granola Recipe

Having mastered a cashew nut loaf recipe as an alternative for my beloved daily bread, I figured I had breakfast in the bag. As long as there was the time to whip up some eggs to accompany, my early paleo days got off to a pretty decent start. But what of the mornings where time is short and a quicker fix is needed?  With porridge, granola, muesli and cereals etc all [...]

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Queen of Tarts – Blackberry, Lime & Elderflower Tart

Blackberries are versatile and delicious things. For me they've made star appearances as jewels, sprayed silver on macaron towers and more humbly been boiled down for jam for the base of mini 'Blackberry Bakewell Tarts' and transformed into into compote in a layered, 'Blackberry, Limonchello Cream & Hazelnut Verrine.' (Recipes here..) Blackberry, Limonchello & Hazelnut Verrines If you're planning on a spot of brambling this [...]

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Going Paleo – Finding alternatives; Cashew Nut Bread Recipe

In my last post I started writing about my new venture into eating Paleo in an attempt to help heal my long-standing IBS issues and shared my top tips on surviving the first few weeks of living like Wilma Flintstone. Avocado Dreaming When it comes to cooking and planning meals, what quickly dawns is that without the reliable go-to carbs you really have to start thinking [...]

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Going Paleo – A new journey – Top 5 tips on surviving the first weeks…

Recently, I set foot on an unnatural food path for me. Under the supervision of a recommended natural health expert, Philip Weeks, I committed to going Paleo, that is dairy, gluten, sugar and grain free. To be clear this is in no way for purposes such as detoxing, losing weight or because it's simply on trend but because like so many people I've met and got talking to since I've begun [...]

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