Queen of Tarts – Sweet Pastry Recipe Tips

Studying for a Professional Patisserie Diploma at Westminster Kingsway, the first discipline on the syllabus was pastry and I still work with the basic sweet and savoury recipes I was taught then. After the method was demonstrated we were given two French classics to make, the Tart au Citron and a fresh fruit tart (pictured). They were [...]

Kentishtowner – Top 10 Perfect Picnic Tips

If you’re planning on heading out to your local beauty spot for a picnic before the blink-and-you-miss-it English summer is over, then read my top tips to picnic perfection here... Happy Picnicking!

Eat Travel Live – Best Portuguese Custard Tarts

You can thank 17th century Portuguese Catholic monks and their recycling efforts for the Pastel de Natas, or Portuguese custard tarts. To ensure crease-free habits, the monks and nuns used egg white for starching and avoided waste by using the precious yolks in their baking leading to the proliferation of the country’s sweet recipes. Facing [...]

Queen of Tarts – Blog Post – A life in tarts

There was never shop bought pastry in our house. Banish the thought. I’m not entirely sure whether this was because there weren’t quality options available in the 80s, or simply the objection of a keen baker to the idea full stop. Regardless, dessert was commonplace and always homemade. There’s little doubt my passion for baking was [...]

Kentishtowner – Happy Baking: How to get the most out of baking..

I wrote an article for the Kentishtowner last year on the many mental health benefits of baking and how it has helped many, including myself. With another series of The Great British Bake Off having kicked off last night, there's little doubt the country will be talking nothing but cake in no time. So while it's firmly [...]