About Clare Zerny


From making fairy cakes at Brownies while dreaming of owning a teashop, to unwrapping a Magimix for her 21st birthday, baking has been a lifelong love for Clare. After winning ‘Supermodel of Great Britain’ at 16, she moved to London to model, working on shoots all over the world before making the leap into magazines as a stylist and journalist at Marie Claire. She later collaborated with Oxfam, managing fashion events such as a pop-up ‘Curiosity Shop’ in Selfridges. Having always had an affinity for baking however, it was only a matter of time before Clare applied her creative skills to her passion for baking, and studying for a ‘Professional Patisserie Diploma’ at Westminster Kingsway, she graduated with distinction.

Clare has since established herself as a food journalist, baked for private commissions, held successful pop-up evenings and appeared at various food fairs. Alongside her patisserie, she was chosen for a global Clarks campaign before going onto win the Telegraph’s ‘Fabulous Foodie’ competition in association with Aldi, who recognising Clare’s potential have since commissioned her to shoot their recipe videos.

Currently working on other new and exciting projects including videos for her YouTube channel, you can keep an eye on her blog for new recipes and social media for the latest news and images on what she’s up to and where she’ll be.

Happy Baking!