I realised while filming The Telegraph Fabulous Foodie competition rounds earlier this year that despite feeling nervous during the competition, I was actually relishing the part of being on camera. Having modelled since I was 18, being in front of a stills camera is something I’m familiar with, but video is something different. Before you get in front of the camera on a modelling assignment, you’re pimped, preened and polished and by the time I got on set you can just take on the personality of someone else if need be – the makeup and clothes were a mask and it wasn’t as though anyone was interested in your opinion.

But here for the first time, I was on camera being asked questions on what I was doing and why. Once I managed to get over the idea of saying something, or doing something stupid on film, I learnt I really rather enjoyed the process so when I heard after winning the competition that Aldi wanted to shoot a recipe video with me for Easter, I jumped at the chance. Armed with my practiced macaron recipe the day spent filming was not only a huge learning curve into the world of cookery filming but a real buzz. I’ve since filmed another recipe with Aldi for summer, out soon, and been inspired to start filming more for my own blog too so watch this space!

Happy Baking

Clare x