Growing up, Easter only really meant two things to me; chocolate and holidays. Now there’s only the occasional Easter egg to scoff but the excuse to do some chocolate themed baking lives on. When asked to come up with an Easter chocolate dessert recipe for Aldi that was aimed at adults, I could see no better excuse than this to add a splash (pouring) of alcohol and furthermore what a brilliant reason not share it with the kids and rightly so, after all they’re already drowning in Easter eggs!


There’s plenty of great boozy options that work well with chocolate like brandy, whisky, rum and even port but I settled on Amaretto, a particular favourite of mine, especially with chocolate and with it’s almond nuttiness is perfect to pair with fruit and other nuts too. I keep my baking weights in an inherited Amaretti Virginia tin that’s now been knocking about so long it’s turned retro and so every pastry making day I’m reminded of those little biscuits I got a taste for from an early age and probably the reason I’m rather partial to the occasional late-night Amaretto over ice 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.49.16

So settled on Amaretto, a ganache was the obvious choice, simple yet delicious and encase it in some chocolate pastry, you’re on to a winner. To add a little tang and texture I added some caramelised pears, a scattering of fresh blackberries and to bring out the nuttiness of the Amaretto, a sprinkling of toasted hazelnuts.

Click here for the printable written recipe and as always…

Happy Baking!