My baking journey really began when I was small but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that it became more than a hobby. Taking a slightly mad leap of faith I left my job and went back to college at 33, to study for a patisserie diploma. It wasn’t an easy decision but a chance I felt I had to take. Thankfully it turned out that not only did I love it, even better it was good for me too. I’ve written about this before but baking for me is therapy. You have to focus; reading a recipe thoroughly, accurately weighing out ingredients – it’s an unforgiving science and one that ought to be done without distraction, lest you risk an infamous soggy bottom.

Clare Zerny BakerWhen I embarked on my patisserie course, I was officially in the doldrums; miserable at work (working now = baking, writing, filming = love), recently dumped (now = loveliest man ever), paying a scary mortgage (smaller place = smaller mortgage) but once underway, came the longed for highs. I looked forward to getting up every day, to the challenge of learning something new and the satisfaction of creating something tangible (and tasty!). It was exhausting, but by the end of the 8 months it was clear just how happy something simple like baking makes me (and all my testers!).

So that was then and this is now. Exciting things have been happening recently, in particular winning the Telegraph’s ‘Fabulous Foodie’ competition, a huge and timely confidence boost. I’ve started shooting recipe videos for Aldi which I didn’t imagine I would enjoy so much and has inspired me to start my own YouTube channel (coming soon!) and there was a mad week of baking for the latest Clarks shoes campaign, which saw my patisserie and I pictured alongside each other and can be spotted now in shop windows from Hackney to Hong Kong!

So, with lots more new and exciting projects in the oven and my shiny new website up and running, watch this space for recipes, reviews, videos and more!

Clare x